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Wild Garlic Season

Did you know?

Wild garlic is a common type of plant which tends to grow in large patches across the countryside in the UK

It’s the wild garlic season, which means you’re in for a treat. It tastes similar to its kitchen-staple cousin, but is sweeter and less pungent. Also, unlike regular garlic you cook and eat the leaves, not the bulb. When storing wild garlic leaves and the flower stem, it’s important to ensure that you store them in a fridge rather than a plastic bag which may result in the leaves wilting at a much faster rate.

Wild garlic can be eaten raw and cooked. Fancy an intense flavour, try wild garlic in a pesto we do some flavourful wild garlic pestos. Wild garlic pesto lasts for about 2 weeks in the fridge and tastes better a day or two after being made when the flavours settles. Wild garlic pesto can be used with pasta, gnocchi or even on bruschetta.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to wild garlic, you can also try out our famous wild garlic ravioli which are made with fresh garlic and hazelnut.

There are lots of wild garlic recipes for pasta. Check out our recipe using wild garlic pesto.

More importantly, your body needs the greens!! Wild garlic doesn’t only taste great but also has many beneficial effects, it helps maintain your blood pressure and cholesterol.

So why miss out out on Wild garlic when you can treat your taste buds and health.

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