We are extremely proud of our gnocchi, for many reasons.

Not only because our gnocchi are made entirely by hand but most importantly because they are obtained solely from real fresh English potatoes or real vegetables. I know it sounds obvious but it is not, infact most gnocchi out there are what my father would have referred to as ‘plastic gnocchi’ (even though they clearly do not contain plastic!): we grew so tired of gnocchi made from dehydrated potatoes, flaked potatoes, milk (?!?), gnocchi preparation (something with other 20 ingredients!?!), that we rolled up our sleeve and started rolling for the sake of such a lovely dish to be discovered for what really is: fluffy clouds, soft pillows…

Said that, our gnocchi have a shelf life of 5 days only, chilled, but if you need are suitable for freezing and can be cooked from frozen.

We really have a great seasonal variety on gnocchi: