The best features of our products are ingredients, execution and originality.

We only select the freshest and finest ingredients – mostly local from small independent farms or artisanal producers from whom we buy directly. Provenance and traceability are of paramount importance to us as we believe that championing local produce does not only mean greater quality for our food, but a sort of territorial imprinting that makes it unique and valuable. The greatest example of this is our pasta range as it is the only 100% British grown wheat pasta produced in the UK. Health, nutrition and low food-miles are aspect that we feel strongly about, for example the flour we use in our pasta is stone-ground which means that more minerals and vitamins remain in the pasta, making it more nutritious and easier to digest. Needless to say that our pasta is the one with the lowest food-miles associated in today’s UK market.

None of the ingredients we use are delivered to us pre-processed, this means that we grind, crush, chop, press, crack everything ourselves.
We use the least possible amount of mechanical help, infact our gnocchi and ravioli are made entirely by hand, our pasta is hand-cut, our lasagne are made from scratch. We believe that by doing products by hand we deliver you food with personality, tradition and uniqueness (yes, imperfections are a great addition to pasta because it impacts on the cooking time, creating different textures in your plate!).
We believe food should stay fresh, so we categorically avoid using any additives or preserving techniques which could alter taste, health, nutritional value of out products.

We go to great length to keep up-to-date with the most original growers, farmers, butchers, fishermen, producers in the UK, so that when something exciting comes along we are there to grab, adapt and create. Most ingredients you can have here, we have in Italy too and our culinary tradition has somehow made use of it at some point in the past: what we do is adapting the recipe to make sure the taste is seriously italian, the result is always something original and unique.
We respect seasons and our ravioli, lasagne and gnocchi go with it, forcing us to keep menus and production constantly changing.

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