Victoria Good Food Market.

WHEN: Every other thursday 11:00 – 14:00.
WHERE: Cardinal Place Shopping Centre, 76-98 Victoria St, SW1E 5JD.

Step out of Victoria station and you may feel overwhelmed by the dizzying urban arena that propels around you; what is a docking site for many a tourist arriving in London is a hurtling mass of road works, signs, construction tunnels, drillers and cranes which all looms around in a disorientating, cascading spectacle of expectation… for Victoria is posed towards an exhilarating upcoming redevelopment!

Glance up and you will spot a graceful beautiful golden ballerina, poised elegantly across the crane-filled skyline; the reminder that there is indeed beauty in the madness as a new and exciting Victoria is emerging.

Walk a bit further on and order starts to take more shape. Then, once reaching Westminster Cathedral faced opposite is Cardinal place – where brick and stone face glass and steel.

Completed in 2004 Cardinal Place is where we hold our weekly Thursday market and where both our streetisans and startisans come to test the market. A futuristic semi-spaceship wondrous construction, here we have been given a wonderful opportunity to bring hot and cold food, both savoury and sweet to take home and try! We are honoured to be in such a versatile and buzzing location, home to Westminster City hall, gateway to the West End, paving towards Westminster and of course being by the back yard of Royalty too! As Victoria station proudly ushers the way through for the visitors from all over the globe we are proud to be take part in this evolving metropolis. Always a staple of London, Victoria is on the brink of an exciting future, and watch it all unfold whilst enjoying a great meal from one of our traders!

Check out the Create Victoria website below for more information about the area including our market!