The team.


Giovanni is not only our founder, he is also very good-looking.

Seriously Italian was originally his idea, perhaps his idea since always. Born in a family where food obsession is genetically imprinted generation by generation, Giovanni studied in a military academy, then took a degree in Political Economics, landed various positions in various companies in the UK and finally in 2008 put his money (not many) where is mouth is and made his own dream true.

Seriously Italian started as a cooking classes provider at some point in 2006, Giovanni is from Mantova (yep, where Virgil was born…) and is the proud father of Luca Giuseppe and Nicolo’ Alexandr.

Giovanni biggest and boldest achievement in life is to have created the first and only British pasta, where British grown durum wheat and British laid organic eggs meet Giovanni’s passion for fresh pasta.


Without Natasha there would have been no Seriously Italian.

It takes two to tango and so it happened that Giovanni met Natasha and they have been together ever since. At the beginnning they were busy in different offices doing different things, Natasha infact spent 8 years nurturing a very successful career as investment banker until lending a dream job at Lehman Brothers. Little we knew about Lehman Brothers, and so it happened that 2008 became the year of ‘the big shift': from investment banker to pesto producer. The basil moustache followed soon after that.

Natasha was born in Russia, is extremely beautiful and very bright and, we discovered lately, an incredible mother. She has 2 sons: Luca Giuseppe and Nicolo’ Alexandr.